Weird noise 2001 impala


recently started hearing a weird noise- seems to be coming from front of car- sounds like airplane??? Only happens when driving not when at idle. No changes in function of car- no notable problems just this weird sound like a buzzing or humming like a propeller- gets louder as you go faster. any ideas?

First, be sure all of your tires are not out of round or suffering from a partial tread separation. Next, suspect front wheel bearings or CV joints.

Check around your car for loose trim, or something that could be vibrating in the wind as the speed increases.

thanks, tires are new don’t seem to be out of round… thought might be a broken steel belt inside the tire but not noticiable… then also thought of wheel bearings or CV joint too… thanks for the input-

Oddly enough I think that I found it… thanks to your reply that I recieved. I checked all the tires but as I said are good and new no real problems there, I checked all the front trim nothing loose but as I looked under the car in the front the splash guard/ what ever it is called(don’t know the real name of it as I am just a girl:) anyhow it is that annoying black piece of plastic that hangs down under the front of the motor that you always catch on the curb when you pull up too close to a parking spot is broken on the drivers side- it is hardly noticable and I actually missed it the first time I looked-it is cracked so that it is not snug up against the bottom of the radiator and when going fast enough would catch the wind and create a buzzing noise… silly huh… had me freaked out like something really bad was wrong- I tried to zip tie it back together but was unsucessful as nothing to attach it to the way it is broken…so now I either put up with the silly sound or find a replacement at the junk yard- becasue I am sure it serves a purpose so I don’t want to just take it off… any added advice. Thanks for the input I would of never found it if I did not go back out and look again after reading your reply. Thanks again… what a relief!!