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Noise from Jeep Cherokee

Went over a bump on the highway the other day and heard a loud noice as if I was dragging something under the car. I checked but nothing was there. It reminded me of putting a baseball card in your spokes of your bike when you were a kid. It happened twice and the weird thing is that if I put it into reverse and drive about 10ft The problem went away. But something still seems loose and it sounds like it will happen again. I was googling this and it seems like the noise was around where the center differential or drive shaft?

06 Jeep grand cherokee

How could you possibly tell where the noise was coming from by looking on the internet?
IMHO you need to get this looked at ASAP, up on a rack. You could easily be driving around with a wheel bearing seriously damaged and ready to seize.

?? I never claimed to be a mechanic. I Searched the internet about “dragging noise coming from jeep” read a couple of posts and one seemed like he had the same problem and it had a diagram with a picture of a center differential which is RIGHT WHERE THE NOISE IS COMING FROM. Then went on Youtube and searched “broken differentioal noises” I could put my hand right behind my center console and thats where most of the dragging/vibration noise was coming from. Obviously I’m just guessing but it’s not like I just went to the Magic 8 Ball site and asked it where my noise is coming from.

Taking it in tomorrow to have it looked at

You can find alot of things if you search the internet. It’s pretty big nowadays.

No offense was intended. I’m just trying to get a clear understanding of the original post.
I still recommend that you get this checked ASAP. Sound does travel, and many vehicles today are using ball bearings for the wheels rather than the tapered roller bearings that manufacturers used to use, and these bearings are much more susceptable to impact damage. That bump you alluded to could have been enough to do bearing damage.