Sweeping Noise! In an Old Jeep? No way


Hi all. I’ve had a 1990 Jeep Wrangler (I6, 258) for the last year. I’m not one of those hardcore Jeep guys (the ones with huge, dangerous lifts and such), but I have enjoyed learning to work on cars and make it into a pretty reliable road and off-road vehicle.

Anyhow, ever since I’ve had the Jeep it makes a “sweeping” noise (shhh-shhh-shhh) whenever the vehicle is in motion. Turning, brakes engaged or not, it does not make a difference. It has been difficult to determine from which side of the truck it is coming, but I think it might be the passenger side.

This is something I’ll probably take it to my trusted independent mechanic to fix, since I don’t have the time right now to go about poking at wheel bearings and u-joints, which are my two best guesses.

What do you think are the most likely causes?


I would say probably one of the front axle u-joints, or a front wheel bearing. This thing have manual hubs on the front? If they’re manual, then probably not an axle u-joint, but if they’re the kind that Chrysler used for so long with the vacuum motor on the axle, then there is at least one engaged all the time and that could be the culprit.


Sorry it took so long to reply! My best friend had a baby on Sunday, so I’ve been away.

Anyhow, they’re not manual hubs. It used to have the vacuum motor on the axle, but I replaced it with a pull-cable system several months ago and the four wheel drive has worked perfectly since then (it seems). The noise didn’t change after I removed the vacuum motor and the hoses, so I don’t suppose that would have affected anything.

I’m guessing probably front wheel bearing; the hub assembly is one complete unit on these IIRC…guess I could probably tackle this myself. Or maybe I’ll just remain lazy and take it in :slight_smile: I’m getting pretty tired of the noise. But…as an old jeep, as soon as I fix one noise, I’ll notice another one. Just Empty Every Pocket…