96 Jeep Cherokee Strange noise

About 2 mnths ago I replaced the serpentine belt and about 1 mnth ago the water pump was replaced. Since yesterday the car is making a strange noise, (i can’t really describe it) but it happens when I turn the car on, sometimes when I shift gears and sometimes upon excelleration…doesn’t happen at a consistant speed… what can this be?

Strange Noise ? Wow, That Is Really A Tough Description To Work With. It Would Be Difficult Enough If You Gave A Good Description Of The Sound.

Sound close to anything here ? Click the link:


I’ll hazard a guess here due to the related problems and the serpentine belt change. Check your belt tensioner bearing.

Hmmm…it sounds like something is rubbing/squeeking - but not a “full” belt squeek noise, but kind of like a squeek - can we upload sounds on here? if so, I’ll try to get one…

It seems like the belt is slipping a bit when the engine is under duress, such as acceleration. These other comments are taking you in the right direction, but I would just check the tension on the belt first, then check to see if you have a bunch of coolant on the belt that “dried” and left a residue on the belt and/or pullleys. Then get to the more expensive stuff like the tensioner pulleys or A/C compressor clutch-bearing assembly. Good luck! (PS- I have a 98 Cherokee and I love it except for all the strange noises!)

I checked it while on my lunch…sorry I’m at work, it’s a belt sound for sure.
this time it only made the squeek sound when i started it up the 1st time, it didn’t happen once it was warm…sorry for my lack of car lingo. I’m a single mom that tries to do repairs on my own/whith the help of Chilton, before taking it to the shop. just trying to figure it out before something goes bad and cost more…
thanks everyone!