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Sounds like an airplane.....?

I have a ‘97 Chev Blazer. I had transmission rebuilt. Not even a week after having this done, I start hearing a sound (that literally sounds like an airplane) coming from the front of the car. It ONLY happens when the car is going 45+ mph. When I slow down it gets louder & then you hear a "klunk’ when you come to a complete stop. It then will stop until you get back up to that speed again. Any idea what in the world this could be? Someone suggested a 4WD problem. It is not the wheel bearings. I had new tires put on and checked right after this problem started. HELP!! Could it have anything at all to do with the transmission that they rebuilt?

Whatever it is I would get it back to the trans shop. Too much of a coincidence that it just started after having the rebuild done.

I did - they have had it for 2 weeks now “unsure of what it is, still checking”. They tried saying it was in the transfer case but I let them know right then that I was not putting that much more money into it. Then they talked about a possible cable being frozen. I called today and have not had a call back yet. Very frustrating!

Sounds like they got a bearing installed incorrectly or something like this. WHat you may be hearing is either gear whine or a bearing…and it was probably caused by them dismantling your tranny and putting it back together wrong or with something out of spec.

Recip or turbine?

Seriously, get it back there pronto.

They called today and said it was a hose that had been put on wrong. ??? Guess they retraced their steps and figured out what they had done. I knew it had to be something that they had done because it had never made that noise EVER! Hopefully that will be the resolution to the problem.

That must be one fancy hose… ?