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1996 Buick Park Avenue Power Seat Adjustment

The power seat adjustment works only intermittently. When it works, it is fine. When it doesn’t, I hear a clicking sound coming from under the driver’s seat. Everything on that control panel either works or not, so it doesn’t seem to be an individual setting. Thanks for any ideas I can start with.

Sounds like a broken gear in the mechanism. In other words, a mechanical issue between the motor and the actual motion.

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Thanks for your reply. But the mirror, seat, and seat back are all affected too. Any button you push causes a clicking sound.

Mark, the nice thing about web forums is that we can just post almost anything we want. Therefore using that privilege I ask :thinking:---- You have multiple threads about this vehicle why not just replace it with something that will not drive you nuts?

Can you be more specific? Any button on the dash, or just those three? Same clicking sound? When you attempt to adjust the mirror, you hear a clicking sound under the seat?

The power seat adjustment panel. I have included a photo. Thanks again!

It is likely that’s you need to replace the driver’s door control panel you took a photo of. Given the age of the car, it might also be oxidized connections. The cheapest thing is to remove door panel and get access to the connectors. Remove them and brush both sides of the connectors, then reassemble the electrical connections. Now try everything that doesn’t work. If everything works, you’re in business. If not, check continuity between mating connections. That is, both sides of the incoming wires (power and return). If nothing changes, you probably need to replace the control panel. They are available on line.

I have completed that job and everything works well. Hopefully, that will hold up. I appreciate the time you took to respond.

I’m not sure the problem is solved.

Well whatever, but I had a new Buick where the passenger side back would click unless I provided a physical assist. It was that ways since new and never had it fixed. So my vote is stiff for the mechanism and not the switch. Either way, there are plenty in the junk yards and can be replaced for about $25 and a little time.

I never thought about a physical assist but will definitely try that next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

Since (as you say) “the nice thing about web forums is that we can just post almost anything we want”, I will respond by saying that my car doesn’t drive me nuts and I enjoy figuring things out. I truly appreciate the valid responses I get from my questions at this forum and have had real success in the outcome. I thought that was the objective of this forum - - to ask knowledgeable people about how to fix something.

Heh heh heh. I think it may be becoming more of an anti-car site for future driver-less cars, and non-ownership for the masses, and bike and bus riding in the high population centers. I might be just tired though from cutting and hauling tree debris with my owned car and trailer.

What did you do?

I disconnected the battery terminal, pulled out the control panel (the one in the picture), and disconnected the wire harness. I cleaned the pins and female connectors and shot a low dose of compressed air into the area to remove debris.

Thanks for the update. I hope it continues to work for you.

It’s a crap shoot from here. but I still have your earlier advice. THANKS!

If nothing changes, you probably need to replace the control panel. They are available on line.

Have you even verified proper power and ground at the seat motor(s) when pressing the switch(es), and there’s only a click, but no movement?

That would be the first step, if I was working on the car

I have not verified that and would be interested in knowing how to do that. I really appreciate your response.

Not saying everyone here is knowledgeable, but you are right, this is a place to ask questions about car repair and maintenance. You are welcome to post here on those subjects any time you like. If someone doesn’t like your question, just ignore them.