Electric Seat

The Memory Seat in my 2004 Park Avenue became inoperable a couple of years ago. What started this was the plastic rails, with some sort of adhesive on them, started coming out from underneath every time the seat was moved. We waited 6 months for GM to build us a new seat mechanism and it was installed. Now, a year after that installation, the plastic rails are beginning to extend forward and when my husband has driven the car with the seat in the far back position, I trip over these rails. Are these rails necessary to the function of the Memory Seat? If they are removed, will the motors that drive the seat back and forth fail? Any ideas out there?

Sounds like just protective trim. Something along the sides to keep debris and fingers out of the moving parts.
It may work just fine, until something gets in there.

Thank you for your comment. The dealer took those rails out, because they were window dressing, and the seat never moved again. Any other thoughts?

This isn’t going to help you, but your original post helps to explain why GM is in the position it’s in. There are people driving 20 year old Toyotas, Hondas, and Nissans, and their power seats still work.

My exact sentiment about GM – my next vehicle will be a Honda Pilot. Thanks for the replies.

Friends of mine have a Pilot. I’m not an SUV person, but the Pilot is a really nice vehicle. It impresses me . I don’t think you will be disappointed.