Car,s windows



my car,s windows droped down on the driver side and passenger side in the front row shortly after i park the mechanic spent some times and replacing part ,but did not solve the problem yet.


This is one of my gripes with the technology they put into cars… I think I might know what is causing your problem. I just went online and took a look at your owner’s manual to confirm this. Here’s exactly what it says, starting near the end of page 3-7:

Opening the windows

Push the UNLOCK button on the keyfob.

The driver’s door will unlock.

Continue to press the UNLOCK button for 3 seconds. All the door windows will be lowered.

(continuing a little later in the instructions)

The rear door windows will operate 0.5 seconds after the front windows’ operation.

So, it sounds to me as though you are carrying the key in your pocket and possibly leaning against something that is causing the button to be depressed for a time sufficient to start lowering the front windows.

Here’s a link to your owner’s manual: