Car running on water

Has anyone seen this website and does it work?

Yes. No. Scam. Run away.

There is a lizard called the basilisk that runs on water. A car is too heavy. It sinks.

boats and ships run great on water.


If you are trying to SPAM … Go home. If you are really interested, do a little search for water, and you will get dozens of threads about this same old SCAM. There are lots of them and every one would have to violate the laws of physics to work.

But the guys at Top Gear made them float
sort of

Here’s a car that runs on water:

Oh it works brilliantly. but unfortunately I get knocking unless I run premium water like Perrier or Poland Springs. If only they could make a kit that works well on tap water :wink:

I wouldn’t go anywhere without water in my car - the radiator.

I don’t buy the water thing. Who has done a long-term test that shows it will not damage your engine? And there are several other big ifs, including whether it really works. I have not seen any impartial reviewers say these things work.

How come all we see are these people coming in here ASKING if we’ve seen these bogus devices??? How come no one is coming here saying they were stupid enough to try it themselves.