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I have a 1964 toyota camry – cannot find the owners manual and appears to be more interested in selling me a new toyota than offering a manual — how do I preset radio channels – channels were preset but after car came out of shop presets were ereased –

I am sure you have made a typo, Usually presets are made by simply holding the button in, do a little experminting, with button combinations.

The worlds only 1964 Camry!

Set the station you want on the display, then press and hold the button you want for a few seconds. Some radios beep and some just blink the display when the preset is established.

You might be able to get a used owner’s manual from

Tune your channel in using the dial or buttons…Once the station is there, hold down the #1 button until it beeps. Then whenever you want that station, just hit #1 or #2 or whatever button you used. That’s how it works in my new civic. I don’t think Camry’s were built in '64 though.

If you want a manual look on

Generally, pressing and holding a button sets the station as others have noted. I had a radio once that had a memory button To set a station, I pressed the memory button and then the button I wanted to set for the current station.