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2016 Toyota RAV4 - Tuner Question

Is there an easier, faster way to select a specific radio station than scrolling through your long list of 36 presets?

Unless you use all 36 presets regularly, set your favorite stations close together and set the ones less frequently used lower on the list.

I saw this earlier , where does this person live that they can have 36 different radio stations . I only have 4 set on my vehicle.

Unless you live on a desert island you’ve gotta have more than 4 stations, including a.m, f.m, and satellite.

I did not say there are only four, I only listen to four different ones. And I am not paying for satellite radio .

Same here,
2 FM, 1 that plays the music I like, 1 that gives traffic reports every 10 minutes.
2 AM, 590 and 1610 the 2 Emergency advisory radio channels used in the area I live.

99% of the time I’m listening to the iPod plugged into my stereo.

With so much out there … Sad.

I put my favorites first in the preset list usually from the lower numbers up, I have a couple AM stations, then the rest are for my other family members. I probably have 8-10 presets for me and use the up/down selector on the steering wheel. It seems to work OK for me.

You’d think they’d provide a keyboard (or virtual touch-screen version) so you could just type in the station number like on a tv remote control or older style stereo. That direct station selection function isn’t provided?