2001 Toyota Camry Radio Problem

The radio on the car start to have problem remembering preset stations. With the radio on, when I crank the car, the radio would turn off but will not turn back on when the car is running. The radio now loses memory of the preset station frequency, only by a little. For example, station 1 at 88.7 would become 87.9, station 2 at 97.2 would become 98.1 etc. Everytime I start my car, I have to readjust the radio. It seems that the radio can not hold the memory of its last status. The same is true when I turn the key to on and off without crank the car. Is this related to battery? Please help

This most likely is related to the radio losing its constant power source. This power source should be fused,find fuse,if bad replace and see if it blows again.

I checked all the fuses related to radio. They are good. Problem is still there. Thanks

I had this exact issue on my 2000 Camry. The problem is the radio unit itself. I got another one off of Ebay and the problem was solved. My radio would forget everything overnight.

One thing to try before replacement is to remove the connections on the radio and clean them with contact cleaner and reassemble everything.

There is a seperate constant power source between the battery and the radio for the memory as Oldschool indicated. The trouble could be inside the radio also as was mentioned. I’m not sure which wire is the memory wire for the radio but I would make sure power is getting to that wire at all times and if it is then the radio has a fault and not the wiring.

I further noticed that the memory can be kept if the car was driven for a while. But it will definitely lose the memory overnight. I guess maybe some capacitor in the radio is losing charge slowly.

Yes, I am sure that is correct. The fuse for the memory should be in the panel under the hood. If you haven’t checked all those fuses I suggest you do that. It most likely will not be labeled ‘radio memory’ but will tie to other more important things also.

Checked all the fuses under the hood that I can visually inspect. None is blown. Also took out the radio, the connection is OK. Took out the front panel of the radio, no burning marks on the circuit board. I guess it is the radio itself.

If it is a fuse, it is probably the 20A or 30A “Rad 2” fuse in the under hood fuse box. But there is also a second fuse panel in back of the coin tray to the left of the steering wheel. There may be a radio fuse there as well. You remove (Open then pull up) the coin tray to get to it. The fuse diagram is on the back of the coin tray.

Equally likely is that the always on radio power line that bypasses the ignition switch has come off the radio. On many cars – I’m not sure about this one – it is a separate wire that is not part of the wiring harness for the radio.

Checked all the fuse in the back of the coin tray, none is blown. Took out the radio again, there are 2 wiring harness in the back and one black wire. The black wire is the antenna. The bigger wiring harness has two pins with power. One (pin D) has 12 V when the key is off, the other one (pin C) has 12 V when the key is at ON position, now pin D also has 12V. (The wiring diagram is here http://www.installdr.com/InstallDocs/Toyota/Camry.html). I guess this leaves nothing else but the radio itself. Thanks a lot