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2014 Kia Rio sounds like it is running over things

When I was in the car it sounded like a thump (I’ve only heard it once). But my gf said it sounded like she ran over some cans, and she went back to look and didn’t see anything. I know that’s not a lot of information to go on, but maybe it’s happened to other people. I’ve never had this happen in a car before, so I have no clue. lol

Maybe an exhaust system part (like a heat shield) fell off and the wheels ran over it, producing a thump noise. put the car on a lift and look for something missing underneath the car.

Sorry, I tried to reply yesterday, but since I’m new I reached my reply limit. I don’t think parts are falling off, because my gf said it happened several times last week. I did notice that there is some plastic damaged in front of the wheel (it scrapes it if you accidentally park with the bumper over most curbs), but I can tell where this noise is coming from when it scrapes the pavement. The other noise does not sound the same, and doesn’t seem to come from the front.

i might say things should not fall off a 2014 car. but than you said the air deflector is damaged so i retract my comment. some things could be loose/gone

If you have some piece of plastic that is loose or missing fasteners it may blow out of place / bend back at higher speeds and come into contact with the road or the tire…and then pop back into place when you slow down…fooling you into thinking nothing is wrong. Just a thought…


There may be something loose. What I meant was that I don’t think it was things falling off every time we heard the noise. Last time she went back and looked and didn’t see anything.

Which is inline with the theory I just proposed… No? Nothing would have fallen off…it would maybe have blown out of place and then went back into place based on air velocity blowing on a floppy piece of plastic. Inner fender plastics do this often. I dunno…it is just a guess from where I’m sitting.

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I had a length of rope hanging from the bottom of my truck one time, didn’t realize it, and when that rope would go under the wheel it would make a big pop sound and it would feel like I had run over a rock.

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I guess I will need to look underneath it first, and see if I can see anything wrong.