Car Insurance: Who do you trust?

Very informative discussion about Car Insurance.

I have State Farm and have never had any problems. They have always allowed body shops to use the proper parts and not cheapo aftermarkets for repairs.

It appears geico closed all 38 of their California offices for some reason. So now they are mail order there. Never knew it stood for government employee insurance company.

In the 1950s and 1960s you had to be a Fed or child of one to get GEICO insurance. I’m not sure when it changed. My parents were both Federal workers and had GEICO. I picked it up when I got my own auto insurance and have been happy with them since.

USAA markets to military now.

I had Allstate for a while. I was in an accident that was not my fault, and the process to get my truck repaired was insane. Then my rates went up, even though I wasn’t at fault.

Switched to Farmers, and had great service, until one renewal where the rates just skyrocketed.

Switched to Geico. They gave my new driver son the nest rates of anyone. no complaints there.(In fact, before we had Geico, my wife was in an accident with a Geico insured driver, and they were fantastic to deal with (Part of why we switched.)

Eventually left Geico because they wouldn’t offer homeowners insurance on my house due to where the trees were in the front yard. Switched to AAA, who’s monthly rates are cheaper, but they nail you with the yearly membership fee- so it’s about the same we were paying for Geico.
and know the towing AAA Roadside offers is crap, in my experience. I got my truck towed home (from 80 miles away,) cheaper on my own than using the AAA Service.

We do use the AAA Membership for other perks, so it isn’t all bad- which is why we are still there.

I have found, in my market anyway, it pays to shop around every few years. rates go up year by year, and others offer new customer perks. We don’t always switch, but we aren’t afraid to shop.

Years ago I used to sell aaa. Everyone hated the local emergency road service guy. He had made a deal to be the only one in town. Just before he sold out a few years ago the original owners son was trying to charge $250 for a ten mile tow. My guy charged $100 for 50 miles. All is normal now.

When I left aaa I went with Amoco and have never had a problem. I don’t know who is their carrier now is but haven’t used it in a few years. Just a good number to call if I’m out of town. State Farm has the same thing I guess but just haven’t switched. I heard sf uses Allstate but don’t know for sure. Just saw some unhappy reviews. I don’t know what Amoco costs anymore, all direct billing but under $100 a year.

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I have American Family, they still have a brick and mortar building, but most now goes through the internet or toll free. Had them for 30 years. We had a claim that was processing very slowly, they were helpful in at least getting the person to contact me as emails and phone calls seemed useless.

Been with Progressive for quite a while and no complaints other than lame advertising. I used to carry insurance through an OK only company. At one point they decided to branch out into KS and TX and changed their name. Then the rates went way up (cars 200% and home 225%) and they hosed me on a home storm damage claim so adios forever weasels.

And Veterans.

And immediate family according to the commercials, but that’s all.