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Going Abroad for 2014 - Leaving my Car with my Folks - Advice Needed

So, I’m going to leave my 2013 Mazda 3 Hatchback with my folks in Florida while I’m abroad. As for maintenance, I think driving it once a week and watching/replacing the fluids should be enough. Does that sounds right?

More importantly, does anyone know of a car insurance option that I could get for cheap given the extremely low mileage? I’ve called around without success. The prospect of paying a full monthly car insurance payment even though the car is barely used is tough to swallow.

Advice most welcome!

If the car will be “barely used,” why use it at all? Presumably your folks have their own car. Just turn in the plates and cancel the insurance for the year. If your folks live in a condo development they can start your car up once a week and drive it around the parking lot for a minute or two.

Don’t start it once per week and drive it short distances. That’s worse than letting it sit. Hook up a battery maintainer (not charger) to the battery. Or just disconnect the battery.

Make sure non-ethanol gas is in it, add gas stabilizer. Ethanol goes bad quickly.

agreed. store the car vs drive it intermit. save money both ways.

But if the car is not fully paid for, won’t the lien holder require at least comprehensive insurance in case of theft, natural disaster, etc.? Even if it is fully paid for I would be hesitant to leave such a valuable item uninsured.

The better question is why did you buy a brand new car if you were going to move overseas and leave it unused? Was the move an unexpected life event somehow?

I agree with the folks who say disconnect the battery, fill the tank with ethenal free gas and Stabil, and just park it. Check with your insurance, they may offer an option that will cover it if you’re not going to drive it, for much less. Mine does.