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Car Insurance: Who do you trust?

State Farm since 1965. No complaints.

My family uses Pemco which until more recently only insured in Washington State and has expanded into Oregon. Since 1969 for my parents and we’ve never had an issue. Probably not the cheapest option but better service.

Got rear ended by a Progressive customer. A lady hit my truck’s trailer hitch with a small car.

Progressive handled everything very well. No issues at all.

We had State Farm for a very long while. A few minor claims and one big one. Service was OK.

I’m not saying personal insurance endorsements aren’t nice but the question was from 2007. Getting close to a record for elder questions at 13 years.


You’ll find different views on insurance companies depending on what state you live in. Each state has their own ins regulations.

I’ve been with Progressive quite a while and they have treated me well. My agent used to handle an OK only insurance company which was great. However, about a dozen years ago they decided to change their name and expand operations into KS and TX. When that happened and over the period of about 2 or 3 years my homeowners insurance doubled and car insurance tripled.
That was the end of them as far as I was concerned.

I’ve had GEICO since I was 22 on my own, and was on my parent’s GEICO policy before that. Way back then you had to be a government employee to buy GEICO, or in my case, closely related to one. The service is good and the body shops they sent me to were all professional and did good quality work. USAA used to be for current and former military, and I imagine it is still that way.

We’ve used USAA for all our insurance for years now and been very happy. When I check prices occasionally with other companies, USAA’s rates are always very competitive. The few times we’ve had a wreck or other incident, their customer service was top notch.