Car Insurance: Who do you trust?


Am moving to the US from Europe so I don’t currently have (obviously) car insurance. My proposed car of purchase would be a Prius. Are there suggestions of insurance companies to either check into or avoid based on your experience?


I’ve had “AMICA” auto insurance for about 30 years without any problems, I’m sure there are some other good companies out there.


I have used (except for the time I was stationed in Germany) State Farm as my insuror. My son uses American Family. Many military use USAA or GEICO and have had good service.

Progressive is getting a bad rep around here, because they tend to bargain harder on final repair price in case of an accident. They also get a bad rep from making “low-ball” offers to settle a case where the vehicle is totalled.

I would price around once I got settled and get several price quotes.


Before you go far with the car purchase inquire about insurance prices on what I presume is a new car.

I think they will likely consider your out of the country time a lapse in insurance and give you surcharge for that. Charges can be quite hefty if insurance rates are higher where you are locating.

If its high I would suggest maybe getting an inexpensive used car that you only need liability. The collision/comprehensive make the substantial portion of your insurance bill and can be avoided for a short period.


The insurance industry here is highly regulated. Your best bet is to check with several companies and compare the coverage they are offering and the price. Prices are not highly regulated so they vary a lot from one company to another.

In addition many insurance companies offer better prices if you bundle home and car insurance. Just ask about it when you are checking prices.


I’ve been insured by Nationwide (home and auto) for over twenty years and I can report that we’ve had an excellent business relationship. My local agent is independent so he passes along my insurance issues to the national office without hassling me. He stays in business with good customer relations rather than hard-nosed haggling.


You can get a lot of different advice here…but it really depends on what state you’re moving to. For example Geico is NOT offered in Massachuestts. Also some states Insurance and rates are regulated.

Wait until you get here and then check with people local to your area.


You can get certification of some sort for a clean driving record (assuming you had one), from local authorities in city you previously stayed in Europe. Some insurance companies will accept that (and your old drivers license) to avoid surcharges that a new, “inexperienced” driver would get.


I agree 100%


I’ve had Allstate since I’ve been driving.


When I first came to the United States at the end of the 1960s, I had a bit of trouble finding car insurance. The first company I approached rejected my because they had no way to access my previous driving history. This created problems because, if one company turns you down, all the others assume it is because you are a bad risk. Then, they try to charge outrageous premiums. An independent agent who understood the situation found insurance for me at a reasonable price.

Our insurer for home and car for more than 30 years has been State Farm. They have treated us well.

I do not trust Geico.


I would contact a Independent agent,maybe a couple.
Insurances companies themselves will be very happy to load you up with every coverage they can.


Independent Insurance Agent.


I’ve had State Farm forever. Always been good to me in the rare times I have been in an accident.

I always hear complaints about Allstate. I would never go to Geico. First, they send mailers out at least every month (sometimes every week) which causes a lot of environmental damage. Then I remember something about they will drop you if they find you use a radar detector?

I am a Costco member and they are always pushing American Express insurance that they partner with as the lowest rate available. Not true. I asked them for a quote and they were nearly $50 higher than what I was paying State Farm every 6 months.


I’ve had GEICO for 39 years on my Mom’s policy and on my own. I’ve meen pleased with the services rendered when required. I’ve had it so long that I remember when you really had to be a government employee or close relative to get it. Not so now. If you have a VIN on the Prius you want, they will give you a firm quote on your insurance.


I have had SafeCo for a few years now and they have treated me pretty well by giving me lower insurace rates every year without an accident/ticket. I have been happy with them.


You can get certification of some sort for a clean driving record (assuming you had one), from local authorities in city you previously stayed in Europe. Some insurance companies will accept that (and your old drivers license) to avoid surcharges that a new, “inexperienced” driver would get.

Who told you that crap???

Here’s a NICE example…My brother-in-law when he retired from Chryco needed a new vehicle for his business. He was a Plant Manager at Chryco and part of his perk as a exectutive was two cars LEASED for him by Chryco every other year. The leasing included ALL maintenance AND insurance. But he needed a third vehicle for his business. Because he hadn’t had any insurance from any company for the past 15 years he was put in the high-risk pool…even though he handn’t had a ticket or accident in over 20 years. He was LIVID…Called EVERY SINGLE INSURANCE COMPANY and even called the State Insurance bureau…All they said was “Sorry…but you’re considered High Risk.”