Buying used vehicles

i live in nyc and am looking to buy a used car. i have a “belief” that i’ll get a better deal or find a more reputable dealer in NJ than in NYC. any opinions? can anyone recommend an honest dealership that they have dealt with? i’m willing to go anywhere (within reason) to do business with honest guys.

I second the motion about staying away from NYC. If you really want to play the percentages, go to Pa. They seem to have a much stricter state inspection than NJ and your chances of getting a better maintained car are better I think. Stay away from a car that’s a lease turn in or that was a rental car! You have a right to inquire like heck about these kind of things. Hopefully other posters can give you more

advice, but google carfax and “get to know” their website for now. I have friends in the big apple that bought cars in Pa. and were satisfied w/them. But don’t forget- Caveat emptor: let the buyer beware. One drawback about going to Pa, I guess; is that any dealer warrranty will be wasted, but if original factory warranty is still in force it’ll be good most anywhere; ditto for a certified used

car whose warranty comes from the factory. W/Carfax perhaps you could find a car that spent its life in Pa. at a NJ dealership and get the best of both worlds- dealers are constantly going out of state to get used cars. At the Volvo dealer I work at here in Pennsy they go to Texas once a month to a big auction in Ft. Worth! At the bottom of this page click on “home”, then on homepage around right center of page click under “find a reccomrnded mechanic”. Good luck, hhondagirlz!

I really don’t know, but if I were to discard all my experiences and start from scratch, I might go to the smallest town I knew of and go to the biggest dealer there. Who knows? Stuff like that might even work. Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio. Pick a state. Some place with straight roads that don’t need a lot of sand. Did I say I don’t know? Believe it.

I used to live in NYC and worked in NJ, driving to Princeton daily. I found reasonably honest car guys in both places. Still, the used car market is the used car market. It is the same all over the world. I think it is a mistake to assume the dishonesty scale changes when you cross a state line.

Consider buying from a private party. There are so many cars to choose from! What really matters is not the location or occupation of the seller but whether you can properly evaluate the vehicle. Clearly you should have an expert opinion on any potential buy, but that takes us into different territory. Good luck.

Dealers in NYC, Long Island, CT, NJ, and PA all have web sites that advertise used cars on their lots. If your pseudonym indicates your car preference, go to the Honda web site and search for dealers. Go to their web site and see how much they want for the car you want.