UK Resident buying and insuring in the US

Hi Guys I was just wondering how easy it is for a non US citizen to buy and insure a car in the US and if it is possible what insurance company and what state do I use? Also is there anything else I would need to do

Hope you can help


I doubt if it is a problem, but I have not checked. How long are you going to be in the US? Where will you be located?

Most states should allow this. They usually want the car registered in the state where it is “garaged.” In other words where you plan on keeping it. If you just plan on buying, driving around the country for a few weeks/months, then selling again, it probably won’t matter what state you register it in. For convenience you probably want it to be in the place you buy it. I would avoid New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The insurance rates in those states tend to be pretty high, and your insurance rate will depend on which state you register it in. Either New Hampshire or Vermont (I forget which) will let you register a vehicle by mail and never even have to enter the state, and they are fairly rural so insurance rates are low.

You’ll want to check around. Every state’s DMV has a web site with their requirements for titling and registration, and Progressive does insurance via web site with comparisons with some other comapanies’ rates. This is certainly possible to do. I know people from motorcycle groups who live elsewhere, but own, register and insure motorcycles in the US.

Update: I did some poking around on the web and Vermont is the more easygoing of the two. Since I live in Virginia I checked their web site and indeed they will title and register a car to a non-resident. You have to have some proof of address for where you do live, and you will have to tell them where in Virginia you intend to garage the car, but all this is easily handled by a car dealer. Insurance is required, but if you pick some place like Giles County for the garage location the insurance should be cheap.

Could you tell us a bit more? Do you intend to stay in the US for an extended time? In one place, or travelling around? Will you sell the car again in a few weeks or months, or will this be a longer term setup? The answers will vary a bit depending on what you are planning to do.

You will not have any problem buying a car, new or used, but be aware we don’t accept euros. USD’s only.

Your insurance rates will be based on your place of residence. Rates will be higher if you live in a major city than if you lived in the countryside. And different states have different legal minimum coverages, but that’s relatively unimportant. You are advised to carry more than the minimum liability.

Once you have your new address and you know which car you intend to buy, go online and ask for quotes.

Maybe Steve won’t accept Euros, but I sure would. I also know that UK folks use British Pounds instead of Euros, and I’ll accept those, too. :wink:

Euros can be converted into dollars at any bank.

Very easy and insurance I would simply call a few agents and get quotes.

Some euro brands though give grief on brand new cars since the US marketed European cars can be much less expensive and they don’t want you exporting it back to the homeland as savings are substantial in many cases.

I can’t think of any European brand cars that are cheaper to buy in the US than in Europe. It’s usually just the opposite. I’m not sure what you are trying to say. There is no indication the OP wants to export the car back to the UK or anything like that. Actually, there is no indication what the OP wants to do beyond buy and insure a car in the US. We don’t know if he/she means long term or short term, new or used, working in the US or just tourist, or anything.

To the OP: Who are you and what are your intentions? Why can’t you do this through a travel agent in the UK?