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Car door unlocks

My passenger door won’t stay locked,I press it in and it will stay stay locked.When I get out and go to pull it when I manually lock it,It will pop out and unlock it’s self.When it does unlock it triggers the driver door also.

What year?

I’m guessing from your wording that you have the power locks option?

Both locks are routed through the driver side switch assembly. Over time the plug can come loose and make intermittent contact, which can make the locks behave in strange ways. My first step would be to wrap a little tape around a flat blade screwdriver and gently pry up the switch panel on the driver side door and verify that the plug is properly plugged in.

If that’s not it, then it’s probably time to take the passenger door skin off and see what broke in the lock rod assembly. The rods are clipped together with very thin plastic clips, and over time those clips can become brittle and crack, which adds flex to the system that wasn’t there before. That can cause the lock to pop back open, and when a lock is unlocked the power locks unlock the other door too.

If you can’t find a replacement piece, you can try gluing it carefully back together just long enough for a maker shop to scan it and 3d print you a new one.