Driver door lock not working

My driver door won’t lock with power locks, manually, or with a key. I have replaced the rap relay and checked the driver door module fuse… All other doors lock and unlock fine.

Have you pulled off the inner door panel to take a look inside? I think you should. This problem sounds like the link to the lock itself has broken or simply fallen off.

Ok i will check thank you

So the plug was undone… i plugged it in and it locked but won’t unlock… when I press unlock I can hear it make a noise in the door but it doesn’t unlock.

If you have the door cover off inside try looking at the lock mechanism and seeing how it’s supposed to work. It might just need lubrication. They get wet, dry out, sand and grit gets in there, the door gets slammed a lot.

If the door won’t lock manually, something in the latch has seized. If the window had been broken in the past there could be broken glass in the latch.

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