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2002 Toyota Rav4 Passenger and back door locks not working after repair of drivers side door

I have a 2002 Rav4, no key fob, just use a regular key. The driver’s side door started to have unlocking issues and finally wouldn’t unlock at all. The other two outside locks - passenger side and back door - were fine and were the only way I was getting into my car for a couple of weeks. Repair shop pulled the driver’s side lock, pulled out the non-functioning tumbler, and had it replaced and re-keyed at a lock shop. Got the car back and driver’s side door was working great, but that very day, I all-of-a-sudden couldn’t unlock the passenger or the back door from the outside using the key (both will lock from the outside using the key). The shop (which I’ve been going to for a long time) thinks it is just a coincidence that both the other locks stopped working right after fixing the driver’s side door, but that makes no sense to me. Is there anything in the driver’s side door that could have been disturbed and is now preventing both the other doors from being unlocked from the outside? The repair shop solution is to just pull the other two locks and do the same thing as the driver’s side door - pull any bad tumblers and re-key. I just cannot believe that this is a coincidence. Help!

My sense is that they have to look at it to know whether or not the cause is the same. But the other doors’ wiring does gp through the driver’s door first, so that you can lock and unlock all the othre positions from the driver’s seat. Have you brought it back?

I will be bringing it back next Monday and their plan is to pull both of the other locks and find the damaged tumblers, replace them, re-key, and re-install. I did ask what they are going to do if/when they pull the two other locks and the tumblers are fine (which is what I’m expecting since I hadn’t had an issue prior to them pulling the driver’s side lock). They really just think there are more bad tumblers in the locks and it was a coincidence that they both went at the same time, and the same day the driver’s side door was fixed.

Did you ever leave windows open in the rain? I wonder if a good soaking (or repeated soakings) would mess the system in this odd way.

Nonsense, the tumblers on the other doors would not have anything to do with the power locks not working from the driver’s door. It sounds like they disconnected or broke the unlock wire on the driver’s door cylinder, leaving the lock wire intact.