Car door issues

So my key does not work in my door anymore. I don’t want to program it again because I did that at a place and it was expensive. So I was wondering is there a difference between a car door cylinder and a door lock actuator? I want to buy one so I can replace it and I can just use my key to get in my car. Any help will be appreciated.

Are you saying that your remote entry does not unlock doors when you use your FOB. Don’t you have a actual key that will unlock the drivers door ? Of course you did not post what this vehicle is so I can’t tell you where the key slot is .

What year is your Accord?


The lock cylinder is the part where you insert the key, located in the door. The lock actuator is probably an electric solenoid, makes a clicking sound when a button is pressed, located inside the door, normally can’t be seen.

I apologize it’s a 2004 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder.

Yes I have a fob but that doesn’t work either. I got it programmed for like 260 and it only worked for a day and they said there is nothing they can do. Instead of doing it again I’d just like to lock and unlock the door manually.

2004 honda Accord LX 4 cylinder

Ok thank you. I really just need to fix the piece that I can just put the key in and turn, to lock and unlock the door.

Honda Accord Door Actuator Problems

The CR-V isn’t the only Honda plagued by door actuator problems. The Honda Accord has had many complaints about faulty actuators. According to Accord owners, the actuators may lock on their own, not lock at all, or unlock on their own.

The problem is usually intermittent, malfunctioning occasionally with no apparent cause. The issue has been reported with old and new Accords, with models ranging from 1990 to 2017.

Some owners stated that they took the vehicle to the Honda dealership, but they could not determine or repair the problem. This suggests that the door actuator lock itself is not the cause of all the malfunctions.


So you think I just need to get a new key fob again?

I am having trouble following this problem . Your metal key does not unlock the drivers door using the key slot ? If that is so then just call a few lock smiths until you find one that can fix it. If you have 2 key fobs and neither one of then unlocks the doors then it is not the key fob that is the problem.

Correct my key does not turn when I put it in the door and try to turn it left or right. Like it’s locked or jammed or whatever. My key fob does not work. The buttons do not work. I had another key fob but I’m honestly not sure what happened to it but neither of them work(ed). I got a new one that they programmed but after a day it stopped working.

The tumblers inside the lock cylinder are stuck, likely from the lack of use. Spray lock lubricant inside the lock cylinder, gently insert and remove the key a dozen times to free up the tumblers.

I never heard of this lock lubricant. I will give it a try tomorrow. I really hope this works. If it doesn’t, do you think there is something I can replace?

An aftermarket door lock cylinder with keys is about $20. If you want a new lock that matches the ignition key, you need to have the lock assembled with tumblers by a locksmith or mechanic.

A new factory keyless entry transmitter that fits inside the key handle is $61, is that what was replaced and programmed? Dealers typically charge 1/2 hour labor to register a new transmitter.


the best solution is call the nearest car locksmith for fix it they have advance tools

Damn i think this is all confusing haha. I might just have to continue to leave my doors open either that or go back to locking my car and just climbing in through my trunk every morning. There’s a place that wants to charge 140 to program it but I get nervous it only works for a day again. There is a spot that charges a little over 200 and they said if it don’t work they’ll continue to try unlike this other place. Dude told me because I have an after market radio that could have made the key fob buttons not work. That’s bs. I honestly just want a non key fob and I don’t need to push buttons. Is there anywhere I can get one of those? Or will my car not start with that key cause the sensor is in the fob. I mean I can just open the door with the non key fob and start my car with the key fob one.

Also, do you think I should try that spray option? Or do you think since the tumblers things are jammed or locked or however you explained it, that would be a waste to try?

Almost any hardware store will have this for $10

I think your confusion plus I don’t know if you have a chipped key for the ignition and one that is for the door key slot you need a locksmith.