Car door issues

I don’t think it’s chipped cause both of my key fobs did not work when I tried to turn it.

What did you replace that needs to be programmed?

The factory key has the keyless entry buttons in the handle, if you have a separate key fob, it must be for an add on alarm system.

Suggest to forget entirely about reviving the electric lock function, and just use a key to unlock the door. Try this first. Find a soft-leaded pencil (like they give away at libraries and golf courses) and rub the pencil lead along the key’s surfaces. Insert key into lock a few times. That might be enough to get the lock cylinder to rotate and lock/unlock the door. No joy? Next up is a commercial lock-lube product.

Still no joy? Then just replace the lock cylinder. Easiest method is to hire a locksmith for the job. An intrepid diy’er could purchase a new cylinder from a parts store or dealership , cheap, and replace it themselves, but would first have to find the correct procedure. It took me about 10 minutes to replace the lock cylinder on both sides on my truck. The advantage of the lock-smith method fixing one side is one key will unlock all the locks like it did when the car was new.

It’s possible for a really intrepid diy’er to repair a worn lock cylinder. Then you end up with one key opening everything, same as new. It’s a pretty complex job, but if you are interested I’ll tell you how I did it on my Corolla.

I don’t have the factory key I bought the car from FB marketplace and the key that came with it eventually broke so I replaced it with a new key and fob but that does not work.

I’m gonna give this a try tomorrow. I’ll try the pencil thing and the lube one. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

What sucks is I only have one lock and that’s on my driver’s door.

On the plus side, you only have one lock that could fail.

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