Door locking system - Actuators

OK guys, got a question re door locks on my 2000 Honda CR-V LX 5-door.
The door lock switch on the drivers door would make a horrible grinding sound when activated (bad actuator). I had the actuator replaced and now the switch makes the driver’s door lock/unlock but none of the other doors.
I understand each door has an actuator.
My question is, if one of the other door actuators is bad on another door would that account for none of the other three door locks working,
If the others should work if only one is bad, I guess it’s possible it’s the keyless power door lock control unit (If my car has one). Apparently it wasn’t standard to have keyless entry on this vehicle.
The unit’s located in the driver’s door and I haven’t checked to see if there is one (If there is that would be the first test). If no control unit, any thoughts? Guess it could also be a bad wire somewhere.
Anyone run into this and have some thoughts?
Thanks guys.

Did they work BEFORE the actuator was replaced?


Do you HAVE a remote keyless entry fob? Or just a key?

One area to check are the wires that run between the drivers door and the body.

Since the drivers door is used the most, these wires are susceptible to breaking over time.

If so - do the doors all unlock with a double click of the fob?

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Just the key, no keyless fob.

I had read another forum for Honda owners were a couple of people mentioned this, but since the power windows and speaker is working in that door, I thought it should be OK,
But, having said that, thanks Tester, it’s worth checking it.

Did the others work before the drivers actuator was replaced?