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Car don't work after buy it

Hi, guys I just got a Dodge charger 2010 for 15K with 6 months of warranty.

I have a very bad time, I did pay the 15 k to the dealer and the car was running good.

An hour after I bought the car, I got the “check Engine light” .

So I decide to call the manager of the dealer and He said " I have no time to check the car, if you want, come Friday. "

Then I went to a diagnostic test for the car, and they said that it is the cap of the gasoline and he has no alerts in the machine.

I was looking for the problem and it says that it is the the evaporating system.

Do you think that I can do something to get my money back or something?

That is a Fraud ? Because the car fax was clean.

Anyone can help me?

You bought the car with a 6 month warranty. Let the dealer try to fix it first under warranty before getting nrnd out of shape. It is not unusual for some shops to schedule repairs for later. If they are busy with other cars in front of yours. Make sure you have an appointment with the service dept for Friday so your not wasting your time.

But, if it is an Evap code, most likely P0420, then don’t be afraid to drive it until it can be seen by the shop. This code is not dangerous to the engine, and should only affect the emissions of the car, and not even the exhaust emissions. It just means some fuel vapor may be escaping to the atmosphere. Make sure the fuel cap is on tight is all you can do until a mechanic can see it.

Agree with BK, Did you happen to put gas in and leave the car running while filling up? That can throw a code.

does dealer have vin database info on prior warranty work for this car? its new. there should be records of all warranty work in system. maybe this is first problem on car. maybe not

Did you happen to fill up the gas tank and keep adding gas after the handle first clicked off, i.e. top off? That will throw a code on some cars if someone (previous owner) makes a habit of doing this. If so, stop overfilling, the code will clear itself eventually as the canister dries out.

A missing gas cap will throw an EVAP system code. Did replacement of the cap fix the problem?
Filling up with the cap off will also throw a code, as Barkydog said.

This is not a case of fraud if replacing the cap fixed the problem.
If it did not, and the dealer put an inspection sticker on it (it that’s relevant to your state), then you could conceivably threaten to complain to the state, or if he otherwise misled you, you might have a case, but from what’s contained in the post you don’t.

Just not tightening the gas cap enough will set off an evaporative emissions code. Tighten it enough to click a few times. Don’t panic, it sounds like you have a severe case of buyers remorse. This isn’t fatal and no, the dealer won’t give you your money back.