Check Engine Light on while idle

Recently, I was driving my 2010 Dodge Charger with 120K miles and the engine light came on. I went to Auto Zone to check out the problem they scanned and found a misfire. Then I went to get a Tune Up and when they gave the car back it was off but after I cut it off after I reached my destination and I cranked it again it came back any then I went to auto zone again and they said it wasn’t no problems detected this time. Any solution? My dad thinks I have bad gas because my car starts shaking when I crank it which causes the light to appear.

You need to stop taking service advice from Autozone’s counter guys. They are NOT mechanics.

Second, I think you need to take it to a mechanic and PAY them to diagnose your car’s problem based on what you tell them is happening rather than taking it to a shop and telling them to give it a “tune-up” based on what the counter guy at Autozone told you.

Ignore your dad’s suggestion. No disrespect to your dad, but that isn’t the problem.

You way of fixing the car cost you money and didn’t work so why not try my way.


I have no problem telling you to go back to AutoZone and have them do a scan. However if you get a CEL and it goes out after awhile, you have only three more drive cycles to get it scanned or the code is gone. So get to AutoZone while the light is on or immediately after.

Now do not let the counter guy tell you what is wrong. They are reading a code off the scan tool that will start with a letter, in your case a P followed by four numbers. Have them input the actual code into their computer and give you the cash register print out of what the code is, what it means and possible remedies.

Then come back here and tell us what the code is. We don’t need the rest of the information as we have access to that ourselves. Someone here may have experience with your type of vehicle and that particular code. Most vehicles have a “history” with certain codes and the fix isn’t always obvious to anyone without that experience.

BTW, we will also need to know which engine you have in your Charger, size as well as number of cylinders. V6 or V8 won’t be descriptive enough. If you don’t know, there will be an emissions lable under the hood with that information.

Did the Autozone scan (code) indicate which cylinder is misfiring? Where did you get the tune-up and does your receipt lists the things that were performed?

6 Cylinders and 2.7 Engine V6

No Autozone didn’t tell me the exact one and A Auto Work in Houston, Texas and yes