Dodge dealership giving me the run around

I really think my dealership is giving me the run around I took my car(2014 dodge charger) in June 8th for EVAP codes and the fact that I could smell gas inside the car, the front of the car and at the back right passenger side tire area. So they had the car a few days they said the fuel pump has a leak and that’s causing the evap codes. So they change the fuel pump and then now fuel level sensor isn’t reading right so they order another fuel pump and the same problem happens so they order a third one and claims it’s working fine and it will be ready for pickup. By this time it’s June 20th so I pick my car up pay for it and when I go to start it my car is on E. So I call my service advisor and he says it should have been a half of tank because I lost some gas due to changing the fuel pump. So I go put gas in my car and by the time I drive it home it goes to a half a tank I only put $6 bucks in it because I don’t know how much gas is in the car. So the next morning I start the it’s on E again so now I’m getting fuel level sensor codes which I never had before taking my car in so I keep the car for two days and the fuel hand will sometimes be on E when I start the car or on a half a tank & will go down like normal but if it starts and on E it will gradually go up driving it . So I take the car back on the 23rd and the next day they say it could be the pcm or my wiring which is confusing because my wiring isn’t messed up and I have no pcm problems I’m not losing fuel the gas hand just isn’t reading right. So they end up saying it’s a hose that needs to be fixed. They fix it and say the car is working like it should now they still have the car till this day the shop foreman asked to take my car home just to make sure it’s working properly that was July 12th so I agree and the next day they say it’s working fine but they want to still run a few more test. So my service advisor said yesterday the car would be ready for pickup today July 17th so when I call to make sure he says the gas hand is messing up again so I ask what is the issue and he says it’s not the fuel pumps and it’s not wiring so it might be the pcm. What I dont understand is why hasn’t the pcm been tested back on July 24th when they stated they think it’s the pcm or wiring. Now my gas hand was not doing this before I took my car in I really just want to pick my car up and take it elsewhere.

A few other owners with the same problem had bad connection’s at the instrument cluster, this you tube video the guy fixed it himself.

You don’t say what year this vehicle is or any other info about this vehicle, but I’m also kind of empathetic to the mechanics. It seems there’s multiple problems and sometimes they can be a bear to track. I’m only hoping this is warranty work. If not you should probably see if you can find a more experianced mechanic.

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You are free to take the car to another shop. But you will pay more money to fix the problem. Right now, the dealer is “on the hook” to fix it correctly.

If you want the dealer to pay for another shop to complete the repair, you will need a lawyer to threaten or actually file a lawsuit.

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It’s a 2014 dodge charger. I don’t have multiple problems they just can’t find the problem. My gas hand was fine before I took the car in.

Thank you I’ll mention it to them

They said it’s not warranty work because the problem is not the fuel pumps they installed. But this didn’t happen until they installed the fuel pumps.

The pump is part of a module and which will be seen in image posted below. The module has a fuel gauge sender on it which varies resistance in the circuit and which in turn moves the dash gauge needle.
It’s possible the float arm was bent in some way while installing the pump module OR there is a manufacturing variance in which the resistance in the module is different than the one that came out of the car.

A few years ago the pump failed in my Sonoma. I replaced it with a Carter module and the dash gauge reads far different than the way it did before the module was replaced. I do my own work and I chose to tolerate it for the time being. I’m not saying that you should.

Note the black float attached to the arm in the pic below. It works the same way a float does in a toilet tank except it varies resistance instead of shutting the water off.

Your vehicle has an electrical component called a TIPM.

Just because your vehicle isn’t listed doesn’t eliminate it as being the problem.


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Yeah if it’s not a Chrysler Fiat problem . . . I had a new gas tank put in my Riviera. When I got it back, the fuel gauge didn’t work. They took the tank off again and determined the well used sensor was shot due to being disturbed by taking the tank off. $300 for the part so I declined. My problem. Stuff happens but at least the tank didn’t leak.

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Since the gas gauge worked before the fuel pump replacement, the most likely suspects are

  • There is a poor electrical connection where the harness connects to the fuel pump. Ask the shop if it might make sense to try wiring in a new harness pigtail there. That will yield the optimum configuration for a good electrical connection, a new plug connecting to a new connector.

  • The problem could also be at the other end of the same harness. At that end it plugs into a connector that then connects to a computer, probably the TIPM. That computer may have been damaged by touching the fuel pump end of the harness to something it shouldn’t be touched to, or just an electro-static shock that occurred during the fuel pump replacement. If the mechanic were wearing something made with synthetic material, just rubbing the material against itself could produce several hundred volts. Seems less likely than the first theory above, but definitely possible. Replacing the TIPM would prove/disprove that theory.