Check emmissions

I have a 05 Escape Hybrid. Lately every time I fill the tank with fuel within a few minutes of driving the check emmissions lite comes on. I know this will happen if the cap is not tightened, so that isnt it. Mileage is 40000. If I do nothing eventually it goes out til the next time I need gas. Any suggestions.

Yes, have the code read by a mechanic. You could need a part. Evaporative emissions canister comes to mind. Hope you haven’t been topping off.

yes, topping off the tank is bad for your car. When the gas pump first shuts off, do not try to put more fuel in.

No I havent topped it off, I dont know where that came from

There are other parts to the EVAP system than the gas cap. Get the code read at an auto parts store. Bring the codes here for discussion. Then, you can decide if you want to do anything about it. If your state has emissions tests, you will have to fix it.

That came from the knowledge that this kind of a symptom can be caused by topping off. In some vehicles it can saturate the charcoal canister.

The codes need to be read first on this one. There is not an obvious answer here. Since it’s happening only when you fill up, the EVAP system comes to all of our minds, mine thinks “purge valve solenoid”, but we’re all making assumptions here with little information. Get the codes read.

I filled up this week and it didnt happen so I put the problem on hold 'til it does.

My problem returned again after filling up with fuel. I had the code checked before it went off again and it is P0461 Fuel Level Sensor. Made no sense to the Auto Parts Store guy or me, how about you guys?

Isn’t your 3-yr-old car with only 40K miles still under warranty? If so, take it to a dealer and make them fix it. Some experts here advise that Federal law mandates an even longer warranty on emissions stuff.

does your fuel gauge fluctuate?

and of course it made no sense to the auto parts guy he is an auto parts guy not a technician. how many times has he given you the wrong part ?

I agree with art.  As long as it is under warranty and that is like 8 years or 80,000 miles or something like that on this system, you should just take it to the dealer, tell them what you have seen (the light come on) and tell them you want it fixed.  

Note: Don't even bother telling them you have had the code read.  They should be able to read the code even after the light has gone out.

The standard factory warranty is 3 years/36000 miles. The federal emissions warranty covers only the catalytic convertor and the ECM for 8/80. I doubt the emissions warranty covers the fuel level sensor.

I could be wrong so check the owners manual for warranty coverage.

No, it re indicator is also correctads correctly all the time and the fuel range