2010 Dodge Journey R/T

Forgive me the long post. I have a 2010 Dodge Journey R/T 3.5 liter that has given me nothing but issues. I took it in for emissions, and failed as a result of my gas cap. The tech gave me a new gas cap and sent me on my way, when I started my car next the check engine light turned on for the first time since I’ve owned the car, kind of weird with all of the issues I have had. (ie: faulty break switch a few times, random horn honking, rear passenger side strut going out twice, etc.) As well as my gas cap indicator came on. The next day the car wouldn’t start at home so I had it towed to a shop. The shop spent a couple of weeks trying to diagnose the issue, the engine had good compression but started showing several codes including the outside temp being -100. The shop ended up replacing the timing kit and putting in a “newish” computer. We had the car towed to the dodge dealership but only to diagnose the computer issue and nothing else. After a large amount of time and money I ended up just taking the car back home since they couldn’t figure out the issue. It starts fine while cold but after it warms up it loses power and dies and has to be restarted and barely makes it back home. I have no idea what is going on and I am super frustrated. I am at the tail end of the loan, and well now is not a good time to buy a car. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

While I sympathize with your tale of woe, you haven’t really told us anything that can help you solve your problems except this:

TRADE this piece of junk for whatever you can get for it for ANYthing but another Chrysler product.


Thanks for your reply, but as I said that is not an option.

Tail end of loan? Free and clear. But, it don’t run
Yep, a pickle for sure.
I see no way forward.

You have a vehicle that has sent a lot of money down the drain and you can’t depend on it now. Why is not replacing it not an option ? It seems replacing or spending more money on this thing are the only 2 options . Frankly , if it was fixable it should have been fixed by now so I would want it gone.

That is not what you said. You said it was not a good time to buy a car. I agree. You did not say it was not an option.

You need a car. This one does not run properly and is sucking money out of your bank account. If you keep it that will likely continue.

You can either find a shop that can actually fix it and risk further costs in the future or you can replace it.