Car broken into

So, My drivers door was jimmied open and my car was broken into. Now when I drive at high speeds on highways there is alot of wind noise. Any suggestions? I have a 2004 Subaru Forrester…thanks!

Statement retracted, I was assuming the window had a frame around it.

How was it ‘jimmied’ ?
If they used a slim jim, they probably damaged the weather strip at the lower edge of the door glass.
If they went through the door frame, they dammaged the door-to-body weather strip.
If the pried the door frame out, usually the upper rear corner, they may have actually bent the door.

Check those three major break in areas.

There is no window frame on these cars. The window, however, can be adjusted to seat tightly against the weatherstrip. The inner door panel has to be removed to access the adjustment.

If the door itself is out of alignment, it, too, can be adjusted.

A body shop might be helpful in this.