Was that the wind?

I am hearing what a I consider an excessive amount of wind sound at speed in my 03 Subaru Outback LTD. All weather stripping appears in good condition. Cannot determine any exact location. Although I got it four years old, would presume that it was quiet and solid sounding when new; an otherwise perfectly good vehicle should not sound like a rattle trap inside. It should be easy to restore the integrity of the seal around doors, hatch, windows, sun/moon roof. Anyone have experience? I am considering applying a bead of silicon sealant/adhesive to all the weather stripping to build up hight, or to apply some of that home window weather stripping with a sticky side that comes in a roll. Better ideas? Wind blowing through the hole in my head?

I would recommend oem replacement parts if you are going to try anything. Somehow you need to determine where the noise is coming from. Have 3 friends ride and see if you can come up with a consensus of the source. It may even be so simple as to look at the weatherstripping for signs of deterioration.

When wind noise suddenly becomes a problem chances are the door was caught in the wind and the hinge post is bent and/or the hinges are bent. It’s hard to describe but they can be bent back if you know what to do. What we do is place a socket between the door side hinge and the body side hinge and close the door until the socket is wedged in between the two. That gives room to bend the hinges and the post back into position since there is now room between the door and the body. Now gently force the door to the body JUST A LITTLE. Do this onl if the door got sprung in the wind.