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2006 Subaru Forester road noise

I have considerable road noise coming from both the driver and from passenger sides; have done a little research and found this to be a persistent problem with most Subaru models with frameless doors. Anyone know if Subaru has recognized this problem?

It’s actually wind noise, not road noise

Although I am a long-time satisfied Subaru owner, I was really glad that they abandoned their frameless window design in 2010, as it was a potential Achilles Heel. While I never had a problem with wind noise on my older Subarus, if I had experienced it, I would have had the dealership adjust the way that the windows fit against the door seals.

The window fit is definitely adjustable once you take the inner door panels off, but more than likely only a dealer will have any experience with this issue.

And, once it is fixed, make sure that you and your passengers don’t push on the glass when closing the door from the outside, as that is the usual way that this problem develops.