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Break my window to fix my door?

93 Saturn SCT

Door handle quite working interior and exterior.

Mechanic said they had to break the window glass to repair the door.

Sounds like someone locked themselves out of your car and hamfisted it trying to get back inside.
Tell them they owe you a new window, no way should they have to “break” anything to repair something.

OP says door handle QUIT working, from inside or outside. How does one open a door then?

The mechanic probably couldn’t remove the interior door panel with the door stuck shut.

Can you get in the car via the other door? If so…do that and then put the window down on the affected door…look down inside and you may see the rods that are off the mechanism…sounds like the lock rod came off while it was locked…that would affect the interior and exterior handles…disabling them…on most cars this is true. SO put that window down and see what you can see in there… I think your lock rod came off…

The same way a police officer or repoman or locksmith gets in a car; slim jim or other other similar device? Still doesn’t condone them having to break the window, or atleast doing it BEFORE they called.

Baloney. They may have either accidentally broken the glass or figured the job may be easier if the glass were out of the way, and chose this as a way of getting it out of the way. Hopefully they did not charge you for the door glass as a part of the repair. I’m sure there was a better way to do this.

That is most stupid. New mechanic immediately!

for some reason the shop sent the car to a glass shop
Then called and said they would need to break the glass to fix
Total to replace glass and also repair latch… about $400
If they just fix the glass and do not repair the latch… only $300

Also it IS possible to remove the inner panel from the affected door while it is still closed… After you get that out of the way take out the glass and you will have all the access you need to the latch and rods that you would need to fix it… Breaking the glass is the lazy mans way of doing what I am telling you to do

Have broken into plenty of Saturns and even if the driver door didn’t work, the passenger door still does correct? If so then they owe you a doorglass. Where I work I’m the guy they call when keys are locked in a car, and I have never broken a door glass and I don’t use a slim jim.

passenger door works fine that is how to get in and out of car and climb over console to get to the driver seat.

DUH I read this as though you were still trying to figure out how to do this…Some mechanic actually already broke the glass? What a total idiot…tell them you will pay them everything on the bill EXCEPT for the broken glass…they broke it for no reason…you shouldnt have to pay for that…thats nonsense.