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Slamming the door, breaking a window?

Hi. A friend was recently dropping me off at my destination. We had been driving her Honda Civic with the windows all the way down. After getting out the of car, I shut the door quite firmly, but not moreso than my usual. The door hit the seatbelt and rebounded. It made a yucky metal-on-metal sound but did not seem serious. Later in the day, my friend called to say that I had broken her window. This seems pretty surprising to me, and I’m wondering if anyone’s encountered a similar situation…?

You did not hear a sound of a bunch of glass pieces landing in the bottom of the inside of the door? you should have and the sound would have been distinct. Car glass will break under some unusual circurstances.

Now I ask,the friend wants you to pay? I would go half and take it easy shutting doors,you need to remove all possibility that you are at fault.

I have never seen that happen. Hard door slamming should be a given in the car business. The Japanese cars may have good reliability when they recognize a problem but there is sometimes no substitute for long term experience in the car business. A couple of examples of Japanese inexperience are quickly rusted out Honda front fenders in the 1980s and more recently, Toyota engine oil sludging. They are also seeing the light on rubber belt camshaft drives and are slowly converting to chain drives.

To quote Taffy Lewis in Blade Runner, “All the time Pal.” The question was a bit different than yours; “You ever buy snakes from the Egyptian?” That glass is funny; sometimes a brick will bounce off and other times closing the door will break it. You can never be sure what you will get.