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Strange sound Subaru

My 2003 Subaru makes a whistling sound when driving on the highwat, over 60 mph, and in strong wind. It seems to come from the ide mirror area. What could be the cause??

Since Subarus of that era have windows without frames, it is possible that the window is out of alignment and is allowing air to enter past the weather seals. This is particularly possible if you push on the window in order to close the door when exiting the car, rather than pushing on the door itself. The dealership has a specific procedure for realigning the window.

Luckily, Subaru has finally moved away from these frameless windows. My 2011 Outback has “conventional” design doors and windows and I am very happy with that improvement in design.

My Legacy has an almost constant wind whistle from the passenger side mirror area. Never been able to stop it.

Once in a while a really strong wind gust will draw the side window away from its gasket and make a REALLY loud noise. Scares me every time.

As VDC driver said, it’s the frameless side windows. There is some adjustment possible from inside the door, but you have to know what you’re doing or you could make it worse.

My car is old and the wind noise is not a major concern for me. I’ve just learned to live with it.

My friend has a Forester that starts whislting at exactly 80 mph. It sort of functions as a warning device for her. When the whistling starts she knows she should slow down.

You could try sealing the window edge with that blue painter’s masking tape and see if that makes a difference. If not, then you could focus on other areas like the mirror or maybe some loose trim.

My 2004 Saturn Vue had an annoying whistle, and after experimenting I found that it was coming from the gap in the side mirror housing where the hinge is. I blocked it with a piece of black electrician’s tape. Do you hear the whistle if you roll down your window?

Thank you for your suggestion, I am going to try to seal the mirror with duct tape. Sometimes the noise stops temporarily when I roll down the window, but always comes back. Hopefully it is the mirror. Thanks again!