Car Brakes


I have a toyota carina 2.0D, and the brakes are sounding.


sounding like what?

front or back?

feels like?

when braking?

when driving?

when turning?

read your original post. what do you mean?


I’m confused too. But it doesn’t take much to confuse me though.


Then tack the boat around and harpoon them!

Seriously, simply get them checked by a reputable garage.


HUH? ?? No comprendre. Je comprend pas. I don’t understand.


Well, good for you. Maybe I’ll bake a cake to celebrate your brakes sounding. We can have a big hoe-down, too. Have a ‘Brake sounding’ party. Whoop-de-doo.


This may be a person whose native language is not English.

If your brakes are squealing, it can be a number of things. On some models they put in pieces of soft metal in the linings, so when the linings or pads wear down, they squealing noise alerts the driver to the need for new linings or pads. Simply check, or have a mechanic, check the amount of linings/pads left.


Brake sounds are.

Wow…I have not seen a Toyota Carina for 30 years or so.


When a whale breeches, it’s called “sounding”. In days of old, before sonar, whales were visually located by whaling ships this way.


Agreed. One of the less common uses of the word “sound” is as a transitive verb meaning to cause a sound to be emitted (i.e., “Fire! Sound the alarm!”). It’s not used that way often in American English, but it’s the type of word non-native speakers often know the meaning of better than Americans.

His breaks are probably squealing like irlandes suggested.