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Brake noise, not squealing

I’m hearing a noise when I brake that sounds sort of like a chain dragging softly along pavement. My husband says it’s a built in warning sound that the brakes need replacing but we can drive for thousands more miles before anything bad happens. I say that we should not drive the car, and have this repaired immediately. Who is right?

Brakes are a safety issue. If there is any question what so ever what the noise is you should get it looked at, period! If it is the “squealer” you may or may not have very far left, they are notoriously unreliable.

Let’s assume that he’s correct & the sound is a warning that your brake pads are almost worn out: brake pads are relatively cheap, replace them now if they’re worn out. By continuing to drive on them, without at least investigating how much pad is left, you run the risk of ruining other, more expensive brake components. Pretty soon you’ll have metal on metal, this guarantees you’ll need at least new rotors.

Plus, there’s a chance he’s wrong about what the noise is. So get them looked at NOW.

I agree that your brakes need to be inspected a.s.a.p.
Your husband’s approach will not save any money in the long run, and could very possibly lead to higher expenses for brake repair and/or an accident resulting from inability to stop.

Incidentally, I think that you should also reject any medical advice that he gives you.