Squeaky noise when braking (front)

My car ( Toyota Camry, LE 2001)was just serviced at the Toyota dealer for front brakes. New rotors, pads and parts were installed. After a week a squeaky noise start building and now is very loud every time I apply the brakes or stop in a red light or to park. Does any one know where the noise is coming from and/or what to do? Thank you.

If you’re talking about a high pitched squeal kind of noise then that is typically from fairly normal vibration of brake parts. However, there are various means of controlling the vibration that should be a part of any brake job. These include things like shim kits, spring clips, and/or even just grease on the backs of the brake pads.

Take it back to the dealer who did the brakes and tell them about the noise. They ought to take care of it with their apologies as it indicates that they didn’t do something quite right.

I just called the dealer to tell the problem and they said that sometimes new pads need to be sanded down a little since the surface is sometimes rough. So they will tske care of the noise Monday. Thanks for the Help.