Low, hollow noise when breaking



hi there – i’m curious, does anyone know what the sound my brakes are making could be? it’s kind of low, and sounds kind of “hollow” – it’s not high and squealing – i’d love to be able to drive it but am cautious – help!


well your pads or brake shoes could be worn down and grinding the rotor/drum. That tends to make a lower grinding sound and vibration. But I suppose it could sound hollow. Do you know what direction the sound is coming from? How about what kind of car and does it have 4wheel disc or disc/drum. The wear sensors can and do break of so there is no squealing or sqeaking and it just goes straight to grinding the pad backing plate with the rotor or shoe and drum.


thanks – it’s coming from the front, well while i’m driving it sounds like it is, from the front driver’s side. not sure about whether it’s disk/drum…


Tell us the year, make and model of the car and we’ll tell you whether it’s disc or drum. But unless it’s an old classic, the front will be disc.

Doesn’t really matter though. Either way, a check of the brakes is in order.