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Squeaky brakes rio


Hey guys. So once in a while my brakes will let out this long screech when I pull of my driveway in the morning . it brakes fine when I’m on the road it seems likes this only happens because the car has not been driven overnight. Is this considered normal or is it an indicator that my brake pads need to be replaced or any other problem. Also I haven’t taken off the wheel yet and inspected the pads. I’ll update this question when I do.

That is rather normal brake operation, not always an indicator of worn pads. Really worn pads often (but not always) make a scraping sound every time you apply the brakes. Brake squeal is an issue every brake pad manufacturer fights with every day. People see it as the indicator of a problem when its mostly just an annoyance.

The real answer is to check them to make sure there is enough lining material left. If you want to fix the squeal, remove the pads and apply a thin coat of brake pad stop-squeal product (available at your local auto parts store) to the back of the pad and re-install. That generally shuts 'em up for a while.

Awesome! such a relief:) Ya ill probably get some of that product, its pretty annoying. Thanks Mustang man!

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Under the conditions that the OP describes, I strongly suspect that this is merely a case of a light coating of rust on the brake rotors.

Believe it or not, rust can form overnight if damp conditions exist. Then, after a couple of brake applications, the rust coating is worn off and the noise ceases–probably until the next morning.

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I would still recommend that you get the brakes inspected or take a look yourself to see what the pads look like. A looonnnnggggg screeching sound to me is an indicator of worn pads not just a tap of some screech-stop paste.

Thanks ya I’ll have to do that as well. Don’t even know how old the pads are and I gotta find out

I get a little noise on my Corolla too the first stop of the day, especially if it has been raining. For me it comes from the rear drums. If it goes away after a couple of stops, it is probably a little rust has formed overnight on the rotor is all, as posted by VDC above. It is a good idea anyway to do a visual inspection of the brakes from time to time. I try to do a look-see after removing each wheel at least once a year. I tend to do this as part of removing the wheel for other reasons, like to improve access to some bolt or another.