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Squealing noise when backing up brakes?

Our 2010 Toyota Camry makes a squealing noise as we back out of our garage.
Does this mean we new rear brakes?

Does it continue squealing as you continue to drive it?

Many brake pads to come with a wear indicator that will start to make a high pitched whine when the pads are close to needing replacement.

BUT, brake pads can also squeal a bit when going slow and weather conditions have recently changed (such as fall hitting.) If the squealing goes away when the brakes get warmed up a bit, it’s probably nothing.

But, if you are at all concerned about it, take it to a mechanic you trust and ask them to inspect it. Brakes are kind of important. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

No, they do not squeal any other time - only when backing up out of the garage. (I don’t know if they would squeal backing up elsewhere because didn’t test this). They do not squeal when braking while going forward - even in the morning before the car/brakes warm up.

It should not be weather related because they have been squealing for several weeks now - from the hot summer days to the cooler days now. Plus, we’ve had little rain.

What do you think?
Thanks again

As you back out do they squeal when applying the brakes, or all the time you are in reverse?

If you have rear drum brakes, that (the former) could be the automatic adjustment mechanism at work. I had that on a Passat. Ignored it totally. But I’ll let the experts here weigh in.

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They squeal only when applying the brakes.

I don’t know if I have rear drum brakes or not.


Try backing up when you get to your destination, work, store etc. The first braking in the am may be kicking the rust off that accumulated overnight. You would be surprised how quickly the rotors/drums will get a light coating of rust. If the squealing does not happen later in the day you probably do not have a problem.

Thanks, Steve CBT, but it does not just happen in the morning.
At the store this afternoon my wife tested it again and then only squeal when applying the brakes when backing up, not going forward, and it happens even after driving for a while (20 minutes).

This is why I asked the community. A bit unusual, I think.

Thanks again

Brake inspection time is here.

If these are the original brakes, you probably should have them checked. How many miles on the car?

Thanks, jtsanders,

It has 95,000 miles but I think these are not the original brakes.

Btw, how often do brakes need to be replaced, generally speaking?

Thanks again,

There is not a general wear chart for brake replacement that is why they should be inspected. Nothing but highway driving and they will last a long time. City stop and go will wear them quicker. Just logical thinking.
Are you going to have these checked before it too late ?

Yes, I will.

The forces on the brake components are different when braking backing up vs going forward. So it is entirely possible this is indicating some problem with the brakes that needs to be looked at. An early warning system if you will. You could try backing out using only the emergency brake as a test, see if you notice any difference. Might provide a clue that could help the shop get to the bottom of what is causing this.

So what was the outcome on this? sounds like it is the rear brakes. When backing up use your e-brake see if the noise changes

Why ask me ?

The 2010 Camry has 4-wheel disc brakes.