Can you switch an engine



can you switch an engine from a 1989 Ford Taurus L station wagon into a 1995 Ford Taurus sedan the engines are the same size 3.0 V-6 any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


The controls for the 1995 will be substantially different from the older car, and you may have a hard time getting the engine to run, even though they might be internally similar. Engine swaps are harder and harder to do these days, because of all the computer stuff that goes with them.


Ask at an auto scrapyard. They should know this stuff so they can sell engines whenever possible.


Looking at , they are showing that to be good swap. Just search for your '89 engine, and see that '95s pop up all over the country. I’d guess that you may find some of the linkages and possibly the “computer” to be different, but if you have both cars, why not do the swap?

The big change came in '96 when all cars went to OBDII. You supposedly can’t swap a '96 for anything earlier.


A 3.0 V-6 is a 3.0 V-6 in theory. Whether the motor is in an Aerostar van, Ranger/Mazda pick-up, or Taurus. This swap is possible however it takes some work. You will need to do some work as the 89 has a distributor and the 95 does not. The engine block, cylinder heads and oil pan are the same so you are OK there. You will need to change the timing case cover, water pump, valve covers, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, accesory brackets,motor mounts, and all sensors from the 95 motor to the 89. Since the block and heads are the same these parts will all bolt to the 89 motor. The trick is the cam sensor. It must be installed properly. They make an alignment tool for this but you can get bye without it. If you decide to continue with this project I can help you with the technical stuff as I have personally done it myself with an 88 Taurus 3.0 v-6 into a 97 Taurus.


Dartman, I think a 95 Taurus still had a distributer. It wasn’t until 96 that they became distributer less. It may only make it that much easier if the distributer are the same. This is a G1 to G2 swap G3 started in 96, and G4 I think 2000 :slight_smile: