I have two ford taurus and dont have a clue

i have a 1995 ford taurus and a 1996 model

the 95 has a blown engine and the 96 has

abad transmission will the 95 trans go in

the 96 taurus both have same engine

It may NOT be simple. The 1996 Ford Taurus has OBD2 emissions controls on the engine, and probably, on, and inside the transmission. The 1995 Taurus most likely has OBD1 emissions controls.

I don?t know. You might find someone here that does. Even good experienced Ford-trained mechanics might not know if they have not thought about it. They just don?t typically do this sort of thing in a Ford garage. If you don?t find out here, go to a Taurus-specific board. You will likely find some folks that have done some Taurus engine or trans swaps. Sometimes you can change over by using some of original manifolds and sensors on the engine or sensors on the trans. I would give the research a try. Someone has to know if this will work. Good luck.

Are they the same engine? Check the 8th character from the left in the VIN. D = 4-cylinder, S = Duratec, U = Vulcan, and 4 = Essex. I assume that you don’t have an SHO. As hellokit said, almost all of the 1995s used OBD-I, while 1996 was the first year for OBD-II. And the EEC (engine control computer) was version 4 in 1995 and version 5 in 1996.