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Engine Swap

Will a 2003 Suburban engine fit in a 1995 Suburban?

With all of the computer changes, fuel system, engine sensors, etc, it’d be quite a bit of work, and may prevent you from passing any inspection, if you can get it to work.

Yes it will fit. Will it work? Maybe,and thats a big maybe. What you have to do is call paineless wire or a company like them. They will tell what it would take to wire it right. you all computers and engine contors. Now that being said. The cost of just the wire harness would be more than a rebulid engine of the right year.

The 03 is an LS style motor. The 95 is a vortec motor. Older generation. Very different motors. No it will not work.

My rebuilder says NO.
But if…IF you’re getting a used one, lock, stock and barrel…maybe.
Computer’s different, a major stumbling block.

If you are subject to emissions testing, forget it…You will NEVER get that CEL to go off…8 years is just too big a jump…Everything is different…

@Terrell can we assume that you have a 1995 Suburban with a bad/tired engine, and you’ve got a lead on a 2003 engine?

If the 1995 Suburban is running and in good shape, leave it alone. If you start this project, you may never finish it. And if you do, you’ll have all sorts of wiring problems, or it won’t start, or you’ll need a custom exhaust, or you’ll get all sorts of DTCs, or it won’t even pass the visual inspection at the smog station, etc.

I imagine that it would work if you moved the engine and all electronics, including sensors and wiring harnesses, from the 2003 to the 1995. That sounds like a lot of work.

Besides a major engine change, there was a new chassis between the two, so lots of things won’t match up.

Just find a '95 engine, shouldn’t be too hard. Try

In case there’s still any question…No, it won’t.

The '95 will have a TBI 350 in it. Those are common as dirt. The 2003 has the LS 5.3L, which is a completely different engine. Just find one of the bajillion center bolt valve cover TBI 350s and put it in.

Rebuild it and make a stroker out of it (383) cid-Kevin

Or dump the 95 and get a newer, 03 rig? Much nicer ride.

Sure wish the OP would answer back as to their reason for wondering.
Anything’s possible with enough money.
Modifiers and customizers are putting chevy 350s in all manner of vehicles from Jeeps to VW beetles…BUT… at what expense and parts list ?

Again ,I say rebuild and upgrade,lot of potential there-Kevin

He wonders if a LS motor will work in a non-LS rig. I think he found a cheap, low mileage LS motor and wants to know if it will drop in with minimal work? NO. Quit talking about fixing up the original motor. He is not asking about that.

Dont think the LS is the same, is the old motor a Vortec,all I know is when you start swapping motors you are asking for trouble,the computer and wiring harness will be different ,just to name a few things,the fuel pump may even be different,Just dont get excited trying to save the man some headaches-Kevin

Actually the LT1-based Vortec V8’s didn’t show up in the trucks until 1996. The OP has the wheezey TBI 350, it’s pretty lethargic in the Suburban. A 1996-1999 Vortec 350 would be a good upgrade. The Vortec V8’s had multiport fuel injection. The L05 the OP’s vehicle has throttle body injection.

So the computer would be different on the Vortec? -Kevin

@kmccune, yes, the ECU would definitely be different on a Vortec 5700 (that’s what they called it) vs. the TBI 5.7L.