I have a 1996 ford taurs and engine has went out. i bought an engine out of 1998 stabel. I was told it would not work in the car. Both are v6 can someone give me some advise. Will this engine work.


There were several variations on basically the same engine; standard 6, OHC, Flex Fuel, etc.

No one here knows which you have or which one you bought.
Anything other than an identical engine may involve some modifications.


It is possible the two engines are identical. That would be best. If they are not the same they will be very close, close enough to work provided your installer knows what he is doing and replaces the necessary components as well.


the stabel is dual overhead 3.0 will that work for the taurs. same trans same subframe.


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‘sabel’= Sable (Ford car)


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So what does “stabel” equal?




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First what motor is in the 1996 Taurus?
I can see from your post that the 98 Sable is a 3.0 D.O.H.C. V-6 is this correct?
If the 96 Taurus has a 3.0 S.O.H.C. engine this swap would be difficult.
Even though the body, transmission, and sub frame are the same the SOHC and the DOHC have different ECM’s and different wiring.


The consensus is: if both engines are exactly the same design (single overhead cams or, double overhead cams) AND somebody understands using all of the '96 emission and engine control components; Then, yes, it’s doable. If not, then, it’s not feasible. THIS answer is NOT gender dependent.


Just settle down a little bit. You asked for advice about an engine swap without providing any info.

If the Sable is a 3.0 DOHC and the Taurus is a 3.0 DOHC there won’t be a problem; at least as much of one.
ECMs (computers) can vary by year, engine application, and so will the wire harness and various sensors.

I have a gut feeling you have a standard 3.0 V-6 in the Taurus and installing the Sable DOHC won’t be a simple drop-in.


The best non-tech suggestion I have is to write the car and the engine off. When you finish spending all the money it takes to put a used engine in an eleven year old Taurus, you still have an old Taurus. These are inexpensive used cars and are very easy to replace. I know that the paint still looks good and you hate to waste the cars looks, but a running old car beats a non running car with a used engine waiting to be installed. Especially when you can’t find anybody willing to do the work because of a doubtful engine. Sometimes, you have to move on. There is no need to walk these days.


It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, the problem some of have is trying to understand what you mean. Your “style” of writing is very difficult for some of us to understand. Some of us graduated from high school back when the ability to read and write was a requirement.



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