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Can you identify this car?

Picture a late-model, boxy car with square taillights, metal tab power windows, door lock stems up next to the windows that can be pulled up and down by hand, a bench seat with a flip down arm rest up front and push-button door handles. What make, model and year do you think it could be?

What else? Number of doors? Type of headlight? Looks kinda like a ???

1959 VW with the power squirrel wheel as an option. So,how many fingers am I holding up?

I Picture It In A Crusher!
It sounds foreign to me.

Oops! Sorry, too late!

I can think of some possibilities, but none of them would fit my definition of “late-model”. If you don’t know what make of car this is–How do you know that it is a “late-model”?

Also, I don’t know what “metal tab power windows” are.

If you provide more information, we may be able to help you. Additionally,
you might try looking very closely at the tail light lenses to see what markings are on them, and then report your findings to us.

Also, if you have access to the vehicle’s registration, that will provide the information that you are seeking.

You describe a lot of cars. If you can take a digital photo or scan a photo into your PC, post it and we’ll have a look.

The idea was to generate a list of makes, models and years that would fit this description.

Your final answer is? A Car with…is a …!No problem.

What if we don’t want to play this silly game? Do you actually need the information, or does time pass too slowly for you?

blue light sprcial in aisle 6.

best i can do.

Can we go 20 questions?

Is it a sedan?

I had a 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria that fit that bill.

late 60’s Ford LTD or Fairlane

This issue must be a really high priority (NOT!) for the OP since about 1 month has passed since the question was first posted.