Help identifying this car:

picture post in thread. It’s for a friend, and this is the best pic he has. I was thinking some sort of Pontiac, but I can’t find anything with a B-pillar that thick.

here’s the pic. It’s the brown one I’m looking for.

Would have been nice to see the front end. Chrysler is all i come up with. Dang poor picture

I’m guessing something like a 70’s Olds Cutlass or Ford LTD…

I dont see a cutlass. Pontiac mayb

Mid 70’s Dodge Monaco?

mid 70’s Cutlass top left background

Can’t be that - wrong headlights. The headlights look GM but the hoodline looks Lincoln. Hence my confusion.

That one i see…

I like monaco and i dont see any headlights

the earlier-mid-70’s Monacos had horizontally-oriented round headlights in pods. They did not have wrap-around sidemarker lights like this one does. The later-mid-70’s ones had vertically stacked headlights.

Looks like a mid 70’s Ford LTD Brougham.


I’m almost certain it’s a mid-70s Ford.
With a late-'60s/early-70s Triumph Spitfire in front of it.
And perhaps an early-70s Chevy Nova II behind it.


negatory on the nova

Im thinkin we have a winner

ricardo mantiban might be in the trunk…maybe a chrysler cordoba

I think we have a winner

The fullsize GM cars of that era all had a “Landau” vesion of the 2 door hardtop. This tacky design had tiny rear windows, and an ill-fitting padded top. Rear seat pasengers really got claustrophobia.

There is a guy in my neighborhood who has an immaculate 1976 Chevrolet 2 door with this treatment. At least that one had somewhat larger rear windows.

From the looks it could be a Chevy, Pontiac, Olds or Buick.

I don’t see the Coreeeeeenthian leather upholstery!