Cartalk not keeping track of posts I read

Cartalk use to keep track of all the posts I read. The forum is still showing posts that I read as un-read. If I logout then log back in…it then shows that I read those posts. There are also a couple of posts that no matter what I do always shows them as not being read.

I am having the same problem, as of the past 2 days or so.

Edited to add:
As of this morning, this glitch seems to have been fixed, so it is really a non-issue at this point.

There may be other glitches–I had to reset my password to log in. FYI.

mleich: yes, we’re aware of the password reset issue, though I haven’t heard anything about its causes.

Mike and VDC (and anyone else) - please let me know if you start to experience the problem again. Thank you for posting about it!

OK…it’s happening again…I logged out then logged back in…Clicked on a couple of posts…and when I returned to the main list…the posts looked like they were never read…I refreshed the screen and same thing.

I’m using Firefox if that helps.