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Camry Rear Door

I am considering replacing one of the (damaged) rear doors on my 2001 Camry. If I loosen up and disconnect the rubber bootie holding the wiring is there going to be a connector behind it that I can disconnect prior to removing the door?

Unplug the window switch in the arm rest.

The wiring can now be pulled out of the door.


NO - there is never a connector inside the section of wiring that runs thru the rubber booty. That is a flexible area - for opening or closing the door.

You have to ‘open up’ access to inside the door. Depending on if this is a side passenger door; or a tail or hatch back door - you might have to move/adjust various stuff - like the window glass. You should obtain a repair manual for your vehicle - at a minimum - something like Hanes or Chilton’s. Factory is best. Talk with Toyota for one; or visit ‘books4cars’ .com or ebay; etc. A manual will detail where all the hidden fasteners are; and how to get to the plug to undo the main wiring harness plug. You then have to feed that out of the door - so it is good that you have the rubber wiring bootie protector loose…

The wires goes inside a conduit to protect them like in my picture.The connectors are at each end of the wires